23 febrero 2023

ASU CHALLENGE << Universal Accessibility and Safety >> CEVISAMA 2023

Come and visit us on Level 3 Pavilion 1

Our ASU CHALLENGE << Universal Accessibility and Safety>>, is a campaign to raise awareness of Accessibility and Safety in which we offer you the temporary installation of a unique circuit designed to experience first-hand the importance and the need to create accessible spaces for everyone.

It is a very attractive contact, and we have the collaboration and support of “ONCE Foundation” https://www.fundaciononce.es/en in an intensive and continuous programme of Universal Accessibility and Safety training throughout Spain.

The testimonials collected from hundreds of technicians who have attended these trainings endorse the ASU Challenge as an effective learning method for raising awareness and applying solutions in all types of projects.

The high participation of architects, professionals and particular citizens in the last ASU Challenge held in Valencia, Salamanca, Huesca, Malaga, Alicante... shows the need and growing interest of our sector to advance and improve towards a more inclusive construction.

You can find more information on technical solutions in the Universal Accessibility and Safety Guide. We also attach the link to our website with all solutions https://emac.es/accesibilidad-y-seguridad-universal.

Come and visit us at CEVISAMA 2023 - Level 3, Pavilion 1 (Next to the CEVISAMA BUILD conference area).

Remember, next to our Stand, from February 27th to March 3rd at CEVISAMA.

We are waiting for you!