15 abril 2024

EMAC® Group promotes solutions for accessible construction in collaboration with the ONCE Foundation.

Universal accessibility is one of the main commitments of EMAC®.
Soluciones accesibles de EMAC

EMAC® Group has renewed its framework agreement with the ONCE Foundation with the aim of continuing to unite efforts to promote universal accessible construction and the social inclusion of people with disabilities. The Valencian company EMAC® aligns itself with the ONCE Foundation in a common goal: to incorporate "design for all people" into as many activities as possible, applying it to all environments, processes, products, devices, or tools "so that they can be used by all people."

EMAC®, a leader in solutions for connecting different materials in a construction project, is a pioneer in universal accessibility and safety with a wide portfolio including anti-slip solutions, solutions for level changes, photoluminescent solutions, and a universal accessibility tactile paving system, among others.

"At EMAC® Group, we are fully committed to promoting universal accessibility, safety, and design for all people. As a company within the construction industry, we want to raise awareness through our solutions about the importance of building fairer and more inclusive spaces for all people and ensuring that all projects are considered from the perspective of universal accessibility," says EMAC® CEO, Nuria Boix.

The agreement, initially signed by both entities in 2019, will promote awareness among professionals in the construction sector through activities, programs, or courses, with the aim of mainstreaming inclusion in the design processes of built environments and products.

The renewal of this agreement reflects the commitment of both institutions to the continued promotion of various actions related to accessible and inclusive construction and the design of specific products to promote spaces for everyone.