30 May 2013

Emac® at the X EAD-CDICV 2013 Meeting

On 30 may past the X EAD (Encuentros De Empresas Asociadas para el Diseño, Partner Companies for Design Meeting) was held in the CDICV (Colegio de Diseñadores de Interiores de la Comunidad Valenciana, Professional Interior Design Association of the Valencian Country). Emac® as a company associated with design took part to voice their ventures into the design and the creativity.

Emac® in tandem with the interior designer from Madrid, Laura Blanco have created a different exhibition space, to tighten the screws on the classic exhibition format, and thus enhancing the relationship between the two sides and the ingenuity and interest to improve and raise always something new.

Video de los  X Encuentros EAD 2013: