22 June 2009

Emac® held another technical conference for architects, in Valencia (Spain)

Under the theme "Technology and Design in Building Finishes", Emac® held last june 22 a technical conference oriented to arquitects and construction professionals of Region of Valencia, Spain.

Attendees were able to learn the constructive applications of the Emac® structural and expansion joints, and the new legal requirements. The conference, hosted by the technical department of Emac®, also included a review of the Emac® full range of profiles and trims for wall sand floors.
The conference, held in the Emac® facilities, allowed attendees to visit the showroom of the company, and appreciate with the five senses the use and applications of such solutions.
Emac® bets on the professional training as a support tool and key element for all the value chain of ceramic, and this year 2009 is presenting its specific products within the building through training days throughout the country.
The meeting was attended by important architects, builders and decorators of our region, in addition to the support of major ceramic tile companies.
The day ended with a wine of honor, during which attendees were able to talk more informally with members of the Emac® technical and commercial team.