19 September 2013

Emac® offers a technical conference meeting about expansion joints and profiles at construction.

On 19 september past, Emac® held a Technical meeting about “expansion joints and profiles at construction”, aimed at architects and building professionals at national level.

The Spanish Technical Building Code requires the use of expansion joints on construction elements, walls and floors tiles, to minimize impact of contraction and expansion movement mainly caused by thermal variations, it is essential the use of it to avoid future damages. During the meeting we reviewed all the type of expansion joints and its applications.

At the end of the conference, offered by the Emac´s project manager Mr. Jose Antonio Colubi, guests enjoyed a coffee-break where they could learn more about the wide range of solutions that Emac® offers, particularly after the recent acquisition of “Juntas Covi”. They could also talk on an informal basis with the Emac® technical department.

The convention which took place at the Roca Barcelona Gallery, was organized by Infoedita and included three talks given by Aipex, Emac® y Onduline, which added the presence of important architects, constructors and interior designers.

 This talk is part of the training courses schedule that Emac® is carrying out throughout the Spanish territory in their pursuit to get close to building and interior design professionals.