13 junio 2023

FMRE holds its 2023 General Assembly

On 13 June, the Spanish Chamber of Commerce headquarters in Madrid hosted the General Assembly of the Leading Brands of Spain Forum (FMRE), one of the association’s annual reference events.

Sofía Osborne took office as FMRE president. The new president will continue the project before the institution’s 25th anniversary in 2024.

During the General Assembly, the 2022 Activities Report was also officially presented. This publication documents all of the institution’s activities over the past year, and also includes interviews conducted in 2022 with representatives from FMRE associated companies.

The event was also used to conduct an interactive survey of FMRE’s value proposition to its partners in view of its upcoming 25th anniversary. The Assembly was followed by the V Internationalisation Summit, also held at the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, and promoted by the FMRE, Spanish Chamber of Commerce, CEOE, Exporters and Investors Club and AED.

 At the Summit, the study La empresa española ante un nuevo escenario internacional (Spanish Companies Facing a Fresh International Scenario), undertaken by KPMG, was launched. EMAC® Group as a member of the FMRE was represented by its CEOs, Nuria and Emi Boix, who were able to join this General Assembly at a time of great empowerment for this organisation.

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