29 septiembre 2014

New Products launched at Cersaie 2014

As you already know, Emac® has participated one more year at Cersaie, the most important exhibition worldwide of ceramic tile, which was held in Bologna (Italy) from 22 to 27 September.
There were presented the latest novelties of products launched as a world first, that you will soon receive more information. These are the novelties:
1. Novobisel

In the world of profiles, straight lines now hold sway. That’s why Emac® has made the Novobisel, an aluminium profile in the form of a chamfer that allows an elegantly and modern finishing of corners. It is also ideal for finishing worktops, for skirting, tiling half way up…

The profile design with a side view at 45º and soft edges, will unable us to avoid sharp edges on the wall and fits perfectly with the most current ceramic.

Available in 10 and 12 mm, and in anodized finishes of a high quality: matt silver, mirror-bright, brushed mirror-bright. And of course has fittings for corners.


 2. Novolistel® Chrome Plating Aluminium

A spectacular finish for the classic listel. Our chrome plating on aluminium provides several advantages over the classical chrome plated on brass:

* Aluminium profile, lighter and therefore reduces transport cost and facilitates handling.

* The primer on chromium plating over aluminium offers maximum adhesion allowing more resistance to mechanical stress and good properties against corrosion, equivalent to those of stainless steel.

* A chrome plating of 30 microns thick, of high quality.

This profile is available in 10 and 12 mm, packed in individual plastic bag, and of course has fittings for corners.


3. Novopeldaño® Safety-New Colours

We increase our Novopeldaño® Safety range with new band colours.

On the one hand, to the traditional black finish a new colour of grey band is added, discreet and elegant that fits perfectly with the colour of aluminium.

On the other hand, we add to the range two contrasting colours of strip to use as safety signage, which are the yellow and the yellow/black.

Moreover, we remind you that the Novopeldaño® Safety are made in matt silver anodized aluminium, and offer maximum slipping resistance, complying with the norm DIN51130 (Classification R11). It is a perfect step edging for public areas with a heavy traffic, easy to install once the paving was finished.


Available in 100 and 250 cm length.