14 febrero 2011

New Products launched at Cevisama 2011

Every year, the ceramic industry changes. New decoration trends to follow, security aspects to have into consideration… and our duty as leader Company of profiles is offering always the best answer, being aware of these new needs. During this Cevisama Edition we have presented our latest 6 working lines that correspond with 6 important market trends. And therefore, our motto at the booth has been: “You request, we answer”.

Due to the request of Hygiene, we have extend our range of Antibacterial Scotias with Novoescocia® S Antibacterial, a small profile with a reduced visible side designed for areas where exhaustive hygiene and cleanliness conditions are requested. Our antibacterial technology offers an active and long lasting antimicrobial protection against more than 30 different bacteria and the soft cove shape facilitates cleaning, avoiding dirt and germ accumulation. This new model and also the rest of the collection are available in new trendy colors: bright white, matt white, matt beige, anthracite and metallic.

Following the need of researching new materials, more organic and natural, and new “ecological” compounds, we have re-launched at Cevisama 2011 our MAXI Range. Composed by PVC and Natural Fibers recycled from agricultural organic waste, MAXI is an “ecosustainable” material. Very similar in aspect to natural wood, it allows seamless integration in a wide variety of decorative trends. And its high resistance and assortment of shapes and finishes, make of this material the perfect solution both for indoors and outdoors.


One of our most decorative novelties has been Novolistel® Insolit, an exclusive profile with sinuous surface that achieves delicate highlights.

Y hemos ampliado nuestra gama de Novorodapié® Rehabit, con un nuevo modelo de mayor tamaño y un nuevo taco de colocación. De esta forma, este moderno rodapié de aluminio está disponible en 2 medidas que pueden colocarse de 2 maneras diferentes: por un lado podemos colocarlo fácilmente sin necesidad de obra sobre un rodapié preexistente, ahorrando tiempo de colocación en rehabilitaciones y reformas. Y por otro lado, puede colocarse sobre pared mediante los tacos de sujeción de aluminio que apoyan el perfil y facilitan un perfecto ensamblaje y adhesión.


Following the demand of Non-slipping solutions, at Emac® we have developed profiles that facilitate the fulfillment of the Construction Norms and reinforce the work and effort that the ceramic industry is currently making in that direction. A wide range of finishes for steps and decorative plates that have been subject to different essays and tests in Technological Institutes, certifying that their placement improves the slide resistance (Rd) of any flooring: As Novonivel® Forte, Transition profile to avoid the difference of levels, Novopeldaño® Elegance, a spectacular decorative finish off stair nosing, and Novopletina, decorative plate for steps and ramps.


Without doubt, two of the main current tendencies in the ceramic industry are the brand-new slim thickness new ceramic and porcelain tiles of reduced thickness, and the “Renaissance” of the mosaic. And to protect and decorate these fine materials, a collection like SliMM was necessary. It is formed by decorative listels, edging solutions, antibacterial scotias and expansion joints.

And finally, we have launched at Cevisama 2011 a worldwide Innovation in Structural Joints for regions of high seismic risk: our Novojunta Pro® Sismo. A system of profiles made of anodized aluminum that allows movements with three degrees of freedom. It resists seismic vibrations and movements of contraction, expansion and differentials. It support semi-heavy loads. Additionally they are already pre-assembled and are easy to install. It is available for floors, ceilings and walls and their encounters.

And we extend our range Novojunta Pro® with Novojunta Pro® AL30, an already assembled system of profiles designed for structural joints, intended to be placed after the tiling process as a trim. It allows movements with 3 degrees of freedom and offers a perfect decorative finish off in floors and walls.