13 February 2012

New Products launched at Cevisama 2012

The ceramics market is continually changing in terms of design, sustainability, hygiene and safety. At Emac® we adapt to these changes in order to provide the best solution for every need, because satisfying your needs is our most important goal.

Novopeldaño® Safety is an aluminum profile with silver matte finish, that provides maximum slip resistance due to its ribbed surface and above all to its 3cm-wide anti-slip strip, which complies with the standard DIN51130 (classified as R13). This is the ideal finishing for steps in public places with high traffic and is suitable indoors and outdoors.

Novopeldaño® Lúmina are two aluminum profiles with a ribbed, slip-resistant surface and a high quality, photoluminescent strip (Class B, UNE 23035-4:2003) that glows in the dark. These meet the highest standards in emergency signage and are suitable for both indoors and outdoor areas. Available in 2 profile sizes and with photoluminescent strip.

Novopeldaño® Lúmina 65mm is specially designed for public areas. It has a 3cm-wide photoluminescent strip as required by the UNE 23035 standard and amply covers luminance requirements for this evacuation situation standard by 300%. It is also reversible. It can also be fitted with the photoluminescent part on the stairway’s riser according to the evacuation direction (upwards or downwards).

Novopeldaño® Lúmina 48mm is more decorative and more suitable for home use. Its narrow photoluminescent strip is neatly integrated into the aluminum.

Novoperi is an aluminum profile with an extensive visible side that enables you to give a beautiful finish to steps, balconies, countertops and more. Available in a wide range of decorative finishes.

We extend our natural fibers MAXI range with Novojunta® Maxi, a fantastic range of profiles for expansion joints, made with our exclusive MAXI material consisting of PVC and plant fiber from recycled organic agricultural waste. Furthermore, they are very decorative and adaptable to any kind of environment, especially with the latest trend in imitation wood ceramics.

We have also extend our range of Antibacterial Solutions with Novocanto® Antibacterial and Novolistel® Antibacterial two solutions that complement our Novoescocia® range, just to solve the external vertical tiled corners.

Novojunta Pro® Concrete is an induction profile for control and contraction joints in concrete. It is made of PVC and allows the initial retraction movement and also later contraction and expansion ones.

The growing demand for metal baseboards has led us to introduce the Novorodapié® Rehabit range - a new off-white model ideal for many styles: colonial, rustic, modern, etc.