22 September 2011

New structural joint catalogue

A new catalogue with a refreshed design and new pictures is now available for our Novojunta Pro range - systems of profiles for structural joints.

It will provide you with detailed technical information about all the solutions that we offer to absorb the different types of movements that take place in structures and to prevent the appearance of cracks and other pathologies, thus extending their useful lives.

The new catalogue obviously also includes all the information about the Novojunta Pro SISMO range, especially designed for zones with high seismic risks, which obtained a special mention in the Construmat 2011 awards.

The entire Novojunta Pro range consists of patented developments, the result of a painstaking R+D+i project, which are subjected to demanding tests and independent technology institutes. They allow movements in three dimensions and are easy to fit, as these are pre-assembled and do not require any specialised labour, thus meaning major savings in time and costs.

Our Technical Department offers you a consultancy and technical study service with no commitment and provides any CAD drawings that you may need.

You can download the new catalogue in pdf format, or request a printed copy through our e-mail info@emac.es This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .