Novocanto® Azulejo

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Reg. 147549-I

Composition of two identical profiles which will act as a guide when placing a piece of the same ceramic tile of the tiled wall forming a bevel among both profiles. It allows bevels of any width only varying the size of the ceramic piece.

Available in natural material, anodized and powder coated colours.

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  • Novocanto Azulejo Novocanto Azulejo
  • Novocanto Azulejo Moqueta Novocanto Azulejo Moqueta


    NCAAZ06- (NAZ-)Aluminum6 mm. (1/4")White, Anod. bright silver2,5 m. (8.2')30 u.
    NCAAZ08- (NAZ-)8 mm. (5/16")Anod. bright silver