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Spacers to facilitate the placement and to conserve the same accurate joint among tiles in the whole flooring.

The spacers will be inserted between all corners, trying to adjust them so that they are incrusted into the fixing material. Finally they will be covered with the same joint filler (one spacer per tile).


Examples of applications

  • Specifications

  • Novocrucet Novocrucet

    NCRPV01GR (NCRU1241000)Polyethylene1 mm. (1/24")1000 u/bag.
    NCRPV01PE (NCRU124300)300 u/bag.
    NCRPV02GR (NCRU3321000)Polyethylene2 mm. (3/32")1000 u/bag.
    NCRPV02PE (NCRU332300)300 u/bag.
    NCRPV03GR (NCRU181000)Polyethylene3 mm. (1/8")1000 u/bag.
    NCRPV03PE (NCRU18200)200 u/bag.
    NCRPV05GR (NCRU3161000)Polyethylene5 mm. (3/16")1000 u/bag.
    NCRPV05PE (NCRU316100)100 u/bag.
    NCRPV07GR (NCRU932500)Polyethylene7 mm. (9/32")500 u/bag.
    NCRPV07PE (NCRU932100)100 u/bag.
    NCRPV10GR (NCRU38300)Polyethylene10 mm. (3/8")300 u/bag.
    NCRPV10PE (NCRU3850)50 u/bag.