Novoescocia® Plus Stainless Steel

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Profile with wide smoothed visible side made of AISI304 Stainless steel brushed finish. It has been designed to be placed in joints wall-floor, floor-floor or wall-ceiling, to make easier the cleaning and maintenance of corners.

To be installed at the same time than flooring and wall tiling, it fits perfectly the installation. Ideal for public installations or homes.


  • brushed-88 brushed-88
  • Specifications

  • Novoescocia Plus Acero Inox. Novoescocia Plus Acero Inox.

  • CodeMaterialhaColorLengthPackaging
    NECPAI25ICEStainless steel AISI 30410 mm. (3/8")37 mm. (1 1/2")Brushed3 m. (9.8')10 u.

    With a plastic film