Novojunta Pro® Aluminum

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Novojunta Pro® Aluminium is a profile intended to be placed in structural joints, consisting on two profiles made of aluminium and a central body made of high quality EPDM which maintains the joint hidden in a clean and aesthetic way.

It absorbs deformations and geometric variations in 3 axis. This profile has the more suitable technical features such as: resistance to light and medium traffic, dimensional movements to protect structural elements, tightness, abrassion resistance, fire resistance, durability or non-slip properties.

It can be installed between two tiles with different thickness, thanks to the lateral pieces combinable available in different heights. It is delivered pre-ensambled, for an easy installation and with protective film on its surface. To find out more, check the Technical File.

Available in matt silver aluminium and black rubber.

Examples of applications



  • Novojunta Pro® Aluminio 20 Novojunta Pro® Aluminio 20
  • Novojunta Pro® Aluminio 35-50 Novojunta Pro® Aluminio 35-50
  • Novojunta Pro® Aluminio perimetral Novojunta Pro® Aluminio perimetral
  • Up to 30 mm (1 3/16") width

    NJPAL2034Aluminum + EPDM30 mm. (1 3/16")34 mm. (1 5/16")87 mm. (3")20 mm. (3/4")6 u.
    NJPAL3534130 mm. (5")35 mm. (1 3/8")2 u.
    NJPAL5034130 mm. (5")50 mm. (2")


    Up to 40 mm (1 9/16") width

    NJPAL2044Aluminum + EPDM40 mm. (1 9/16")44 mm. (1 3/4")97 mm. (4")20 mm. (3'4")6 u.
    NJPAL3544140 mm. (5")35 mm. (1-3'8")2 u.
    NJPAL5044140 mm. (5")50 mm. (2")


    Up to 55 mm (2 3/16") width

    NJPAL3559Aluminio + EPDM55 mm. (2 3/16")59 mm. (2 5/16")155 mm. (6")35 mm. (1 3/8")2 u.
    NJPAL505950 mm. (2")1 u.