Novojunta® Pro L50

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Novojunta Pro® L50 is a system of profiles for expansion joints consisting of two reinforced aluminum profiles and a central insert made of high quality synthetic rubber that allows multidirectional movements and resists weathering and thermal changes.

To be installed with fixing screws to the slab before the floor installation. Allows traffic of medium/heavy loads.

Available with flat or striated rubber in black or grey color.


  • Novojunta Pro L50 Novojunta Pro L50
  • Expansion:

    Smooth rubber: 16 mm. (+/- 8 mm) / 5/8” (+/-5/16")

    Grooved rubber: 20 mm. (+/- 10 mm) / 3/4" (+/-3/8")

    CodeMaterialabchLengthRubber type
    NJPL50AL35NAAluminum + Synthetic rubber50 mm. (2")55 mm. (2 11/64")155 mm. (6 3/32")35 mm. (1 3/8")3 m. (9.8')Smooth or grooved
    NJPL50AL50NA50 mm. (2")
    NJPL50AL80NA80 mm. (3 5/32")