Novojunta® Pro L55

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Novojunta Pro® L55 is a system of profiles intended to be installed in joint widths up to 55 mm. Consists of two side profiles made of natural aluminum assembled through a ball-and-socket joint system with two aluminum pieces that serve as a support for the rubber profile and allow vertical movement.

The rubber profile of Novojunta Pro® L55 resists weathering and thermal changes. To be installed with fixing screws before the floor installation. Supports medium/heavy loads.

Available with striated strip in black color (RAL 9005) or grey color (RAL 7035).


  • Novojunta Pro L55 Novojunta Pro L55

    Horizontal: 26 mm  (+/- 13 mm) / 1'” (+/-1/2)

    Vertical: 12 mm (+/- 6 mm) / 1/2” (+/-1/4")

    CodeMaterialabchRubber typeLength
    NJPL55AL18NAAluminum + Synthetic rubber55 mm. (2 3/16”)80 mm. (3 5/32”)195 mm. (7 11/16”)18 mm. (3/4”)Grooved3 m. (9.8')
    NJPL55AL35NA35 mm. (1 3/8”)
    NJPL55AL50NA50 mm. (2")
    NJPL55AL80NA80 mm. (3 5/32")