Novojunta® Pro Sismo PA

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Range of systems of profiles for structural joints, specially designed for areas with high seismic risk. This range of product, worldwide innovation, has been developed by EMAC® and has been tested in prestigious Technological Institutes.

Novojunta Pro® Seismic PA is an already assembled system of profiles for structural joints in walls and ceilings made of anodized aluminium silver matt color. Its design allows it to absorb geometric variations and deformations of constructive elements and resist seismic movements safely.

It has been designed for joint widhts of 3-15/16" (100 mm.) and allows a total movement of 5.07" / 130 mm. (+/- 2.55"/65 mm.) It allows vertical differences of 3/8" (10mm.). It has a fast and simple installation and does not require skilled labor.

Novojunta Pro® Seismic PA is delivered already assembled and with protective film.

Available in matt silver color.



Horizontal: 130 mm (+/-65) / 5 1/8" (+/-2 9/16")

Vertical: 10 mm (+/-5) / 3/8" (+/-3/16)

NJPPAALPL25Anodized aluminum357,5 mm (1 11/64')100 mm (3 15/16")2.5 m (8.2')2 u.