Novonivel® 2

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Reg. 155585-J

Transition profile to avoid the difference of level created when laying floorings at a different height as when a new flooring is layed onto an old one.

It is specially designed to be placed after having placed the flooring. It will be fixed with a silicone-type adhesive.

It is available in anodized silver matt finish.


  • anod. matt silver - 13 anod. matt silver - 13
  • Specifications

  • Novonivel 2 Novonivel 2
  • CodeMaterial ahColorLengthPackaging
    NNV2AL10PL (NVA213)Aluminum19 mm. (23/32")10 mm. (3/8")Anod. matt silver2'5 m. (8ft2in)50 u.