Novonivel® Access

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Transition profile made of aluminum and designed to avoid discontinuities in the pavement. The profile has a wide and smoothed visible side with small grooved that favor the slide resistance.

Delivered with countersunk holes to improve its fixing by using screws (not included). The inner part is reinforced to improve its load support.

Novonivel® Access enlarges the wide range of EMAC®'s ramp profiles. All of them have been designed to promote accesibility without losing the aesthetic appearance.

Available in anodized aluminum silver mat color with protective film.


  • Novonivel Access Novonivel Access
  • CodeMaterial haColorLengthPackaging
    NNVALACCPL10Aluminium10 mm. (3/8")

    60 mm

    ( 2-3/8")

    Anod. matt silver2,5 m (8.4')15 u.
    NNVALACCPL1212'5 mm. (1/2")