Novonivel® Aluminum

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Transition profile to avoid the difference of level created when laying floorings at different height, as when a new flooring is layed onto an old one. This is very common in restoration works.

We will prepare the flooring onto the minted wing of the profile trying that the fixing material comes through the minting to achieve an optimal fixation.

It is available in anodized color.


  • Novonivel Aluminio Novonivel Aluminio
  • CodeMaterial ahColorLengthPackaging
    NNVAL08PL25 (NVA13516)*Aluminum15 mm. (9/16")8 mm. (5/16")Anod. silver matt2'5 m. (8ft2in)50 u.
    NNVAL10PL* (NVA1338)*19 mm. (23/32")10 mm. (3/8")1 / 2'5 m (3ft2in/8ft2in)
    NNVAL12PL*(NVA1312)*20 mm. (3/4")12 mm. (1/2")