Novonivel® Forte

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Transition profile designed to avoid discontinuities of flooring. This profile has a wide non-slip surface and a reinforced base which allows it to support loads.

Novonivel® Forte helps to fulfill the DB SUA of CTE (Building Technical Code), contributing to save discontinuities of flooring less than 2" / 50 mm. with a slope less than 25%.

Available in anodized matt silver.


  • anod. matt silver - 13 anod. matt silver - 13
  • Specifications

  • Novonivel Forte Novonivel Forte
  • CodeMaterial haColorLengthPackaging
    NNVFAL12PL25 (NVAF1312)Aluminium12 mm. (1/2")96'4 mm. (3' 51/64")Anod. matt silver2'5 m. (8.2')5 u.