Novonivel® Stainless steel

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Novonivel® Stainless steel is a made of stainless steel transition profile designed to be installed as a separator between floorings with different thickness. Is perfect in rehabilitation or reform works, when placing a new floooring over an old one.


This profile protects and decorates the floor and provides with the resistance of stainless steel. Easy to install, is delivered in brushed finish, so you can get a perfect and aesthetic finish.


  • Novonivel Acero inoxidable Novonivel Acero inoxidable
  • CodeMaterial ahColorLengthPackaging
    NNVAI10CE* (NVX8838)Stainless steel20 mm. (3/4")10 mm. (3/8")Brushed1 / 2'5 m. (3.2'-8.2')30 u.
    NNVAI12CE* (NVX8812)12 mm. (1/2")


    *With a plastic film. Mark desired length among the available ones