Novopeldaño® Arte

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Novopeldaño® Arte is a spectacular profile with wide face side, decorated with exclusive whims.

It can be installed as a stair nosing, in countertops or worktops, etc.


  • Novopeldaño Arte Novopeldaño Arte
  • CodeMaterialh aColor LengthPackaging
    NPART10BA12 (NPART14938)Aluminum10 mm.(3/8")50 mm. (2")Embroiderys A1'2 m. (3.9')8 u.
    NPART10BB12 (NPART15038)Embroiderys B
    NPART10MA12 (NPART15138)Sea A
    NPART10MB12 (NPART15238)Sea B
    NPART12BA12 (NPART14912)Aluminum12 mm. (1/2")50 mm. (2")Embroiderys A1'2 m. (3.9')8 u.
    NPART12BB12 (NPART15012)Embroiderys B
    NPART12MA12 (NPART15112)Sea A
    NPART12MB12 (NPART15212)Sea B

    With a plastic film