Novopeldaño Eclipse® Aura

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It has been 4 years since we launched the Eclipse® family with the Novorodapié Eclipse®. Since then, neither the new solutions we offer nor market demand have stopped growing. 

In 2022, our family will expand further with a new concept in steps which, in line with current trends, offers unique indirect lighting in a step that is integrated into the building without a visible step. 

Its minimalist design is married to its functional character, as it fulfills its main function of protecting the pavement edges. It is a trend-setting solution. This is why for the first time it is also available in a matt-silver or matt-black finish. Available in 10- and 12-mm heights, with a protective film on the exposed face and end caps to give the installation a perfect finish.

* Community design  

** International Industrial Design (MX/USA)

*** International Industrial Design (CL)


  • Matt silver - 13 Matt silver - 13
  • Matt black - 90 Matt black - 90


  • Novopeldaño Eclipse® Aura Novopeldaño Eclipse® Aura
  • Novopeldaño Eclipse® Aura light Novopeldaño Eclipse® Aura light
  • MaterialCodehabcdFinishesLengthPackaging
    Anodized aluminumNPAUAL10PL
    10 mm1 mm35,5 mm10,3 mm6,1 mmanod. matt silver - 132,5 m12 ud
    anod. matt black - 90
    12 mm37,5 mmanod. matt silver - 13
    anod. matt black - 90

    *Promotional atmosphere created using Novopeldaño Eclipse® Aura matt black, showing a suggestion for one possible use of this product. EMAC® does not manufacture, sell or supply any LED strip whatsoever with the Novopeldaño Eclipse® Aura product. The choice of LED strip should be undertaken by the installer, taking into account the circumstances of the installation site.