Novopeldaño® Front 2

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Reg. 155585-C
Reg. 155585-C

Finish off for steps in natural wood.

It is placed frontally.

Its small tread in wood makes it very decorative.

Its solid fixing wing assures a perfect and durable placement.

Therefore it avoids cracks and damages that take place in the glued ceramic pieces.

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  • Specifications

  • Novopeldaño Front 2 Novopeldaño Front 2
  • CodeMaterialhaColorLengthPackaging
    NPF2MA12IR1 (NDF21732)Aluminum
    12 mm. (1/2")39mm. (1 9/16")
    Oak or similar
    1'5 / 1'2 / 1m.(4.9', 3.9', 3.2')
    6 u.
    NPF2MA12RO* (NDF240)

    With a plastic film

    Mark desired length among the available ones