Novosepara® 10 Aluminium

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Aluminum profile designed to separate different kinds of flooring in a decorative and functional way. Easy to install, to be placed after finishing the flooring.

The visible side covers the joint between floorings and gives to any environment a smart touch.

Perfect for flexible floorings, for example like the floorings installed in gyms. Also ideal to cover deteriorated expansion joints in rehabilitation or reform works.

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  • Novosepara® 10 Aluminio Novosepara® 10 Aluminio
  • CodeMaterialaColorLengthPackaging
    NS10AL40PL*Aluminum40 mm. (1'9/16")Anod. matt silver1 / 2'5 m. (3.2' - 8.2')50 u

    *indicate desired length among the available ones