Novosuelo PVC

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L-Shape profile to finish off wall tiled corners.

As it is available in a wide range of heights, it is always appropriate for all kind of wall tiling, no matter what size the tile is.

Novosuelo / Novopared

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  • Specifications

  • Novopared PVC Novopared PVC
  • CodeMaterial hColorLengthPackaging
    NSUPV06-PVC6 mm. (1/4")White, Grey, Beige, Jasmin ivory, Bahamas beige, Pergamon beige, Black2'5 m.100 u.
    NSUPV08-8 mm. (5/16")
    NSUPV10-PVC10mm. (3/8")2'5 m.100 u.
    NSUPV12-12mm. (1/2")