17 mayo 2024

Pilar, from the Apival association, imbues EMAC® Group's sample books with magic.

We promote social and occupational integration in collaboration with various associations.

Social integration is fundamental for EMAC® Group; therefore, through our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy, we collaborate with various associations and work with people with functional diversity.

This week, we met Pilar, who has made a significant impact on our company. Pilar is an intern from the Apival Association, a center dedicated to the social and occupational integration of people with functional diversity and/or dependents. Over the past few days, she has helped us prepare various promotional materials that we will send to our clients, spreading her magic to every corner of the world.

  • Pilar's magic lies in her contagious joy, in the effort and perseverance she puts into everything she does, in her ability to overcome challenges, in her courage and enthusiasm for new tasks, in her willingness to share, and in the camaraderie she has infused into our entire team. Undoubtedly, her work and presence have touched our hearts.

    Thanks to Pilar, EMAC® Group's clients around the world will receive, along with the promotional information about our products, an informative brochure encouraging other companies to promote the social and occupational inclusion of people with functional diversity.

    From EMAC® Group, we also want to thank the Apival Association for the opportunity they have given us to meet Pilar. Through EMAC's CSR policy, we will continue to undertake actions framed within our sustainability strategy and promote social integration by working with people with functional diversity, who, like Pilar, contribute to the creation of our sample books.