To do so, since it began it has applied a quality management system based on the ISO 9001 standard’s requirements, with a perspective towards management and risk assessment, whose philosophy is implemented throughout the organisation’s processes. Using indicators for these procedures, EMAC Complementos S.L determines, compiles and analyses the relevant data to demonstrate the suitability and effectiveness of the quality management system used and to assess where ongoing improvement can be made for this system.

To this end, the benefits that EMAC® considers it achieves by applying and maintaining our quality management system include:


Showing our commitment with the progress in Quality and the relationships with our stakeholders.


Ensuring our products and services meet the necessities that are demanded for us, as well as the legally requirements applicable ones.

Ongoing Improvement

Enabling us to measure our progress in ongoing improvement.


Helping improve EMAC®’s performance.

Competitive Edge

To sum up: Giving us a competitive edge.

Emac Complementos S.L understands quality to be a concept that refers not only to the product and service, but to all of the company’s activities and the work that everybody does.

All of EMAC®’s staff accept responsibility for maintaining and improving the quality of the service as part of their own activities in their workplace.

That is why it is of vital importance that the employees are trained and there are communication channels in place to enable information to be exchanged properly among the company’s different departments.

The management at EMAC Complementos S.L reviews the quality system, the policy and the quality goals specified periodically according to the activities established in the “Strategic Management and Review by Management” process, thereby ensuring it continues to be appropriate and effective so as to meet the ISO 9001 requisites.