10 mayo 2024

"We have gone from being a supporting actor to setting trends and becoming protagonists in the sector."

Our CEO, Emi Boix, speaks in Economía 3 about the future of the construction sector, the company, or the legacy of the family business.
Emi Boix, CEO de EMAC Grupo

Economía 3 has interviewed Emi Boix, CEO of EMAC Group, about the legacy of the family business, the company's forecasts, the future of the construction sector, and her recently announced candidacy to preside over the Valencian Institute for the Study of Family Business (Ivefa).

Regarding the company's performance during the past year, Emi Boix shared that 2023 was a year marked by geopolitical tensions. "Product diversification, innovation, and quality in service have allowed us to be relevant and add value to the market to continue growing. As well as our strong commitment to creating EMAC as a brand of value that promotes the 'Marca España' and provides the customer with a differential value when working with the EMAC brand," she explained.

For 2024, the company will continue developing digital tools for construction towards a more sustainable future. Regarding products, the CEO of EMAC has indicated that they will continue to invest in innovation and the development of differentiating and innovative products. "We are working on an intense development plan scheduled to present and promote major innovations this year," she added.

You can read the full interview at this link.