17 abril 2024

We participated in a day to promote entrepreneurship in the town of Quart.

On the occasion of Entrepreneur Day.

"On the occasion of Entrepreneur Day,"This is one of the pieces of advice provided by our CEO, Nuria Boix, during the event "Motivation and inspiring practices of local entrepreneurship," organized by the entrepreneurship department of the Quart de Poblet city council and the European Center for Business and Innovation of Valencia to promote entrepreneurial spirit in the locality with the testimonies of four entrepreneurial experiences.

Nuria Boix also highlighted the importance of business management training, planning objectives, resources, and actions, as well as trying to always surround oneself with good professionals who guide, advise, and allow continuous learning.

"Even though it may sound less appealing, if we undertake, the goal from the beginning must be for the business to be profitable. Because for a business to be sustainable over time and contribute to the economic growth of its environment, its teams, and their families, profitability is needed," explained the CEO of EMAC Grupo.

The event, held on Entrepreneur Day, began with a dialogue on best entrepreneurial practices, in which we participated alongside Roberto Rubio, CEO and founder of Aldea Energy; Belén Madrigal, nutritionist; and Sokhna Diallo, itinerant entrepreneur. The four speakers shared their entrepreneurial experiences to motivate and guide those who are considering starting their own business.

Nuria Boix also recounted EMAC Grupo's entrepreneurial story, the values of our company, our work philosophy, and the internal and external challenges we face daily.

Thank you very much for having EMAC Grupo at this enriching event.