Anti-slip tape

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Anti-slip tape with adhesive, designed to replace the strip included in the model Novopeldaño® Safety, Novopeldaño® Safety Plus, Novopletina Safety or to be directly place on floorings to make them anti-slip.

The EMAC®'s anti-slip tape can be installed, following accesibility requirements, to signal the beginning and ending of a staircase.

The color makes easier the contrast with the flooring, which makes it more visual. Its wrinkled anti-slip texture indicates where is an obstacle for person with reduced visibility.

It has a good weatherability and resists water.

It can be replaced after ending its lifetime.

Available in 5 meters lenght rolls.

Colours: black, grey, yellow, yellow/black.


MaterialStrip widthRoll length
Anti-slip sape30 mm (1 3/16")5 m (16'4")