Color Touch Collection

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The new EMAC® Color Touch collection offers a select range of fashionable colours with a unique tactile sensation for a successful profile like the Novosuelo or Novopared. This profile offers straight lines made of aluminium, designed as a finishing touch to protect and beautify the edges of ceramic tiling, to separate floors, or finish off worktops.

In a world where products are very similar on a visual level, touch makes all the difference. Because when your senses of sight and touch are engaged together, you create a unique experience. This is how our Color Touch Collection was conceived: attractive colours and a soft tactility infusing a collection where you can touch colour’s true beauty.

Our Color Touch collection is the solution where 8–12mm thick claddings meet in the most exclusive settings.

It comes, on one hand,in our “Nature” range of four colours – olive, sand, pink and white –aimed to combine with more handcrafted ceramics, clay, raw, untreated and organic-looking materials. And for more minimalist, avant-garde spaces, characterised by geometric shapes, industrial materials and cooler tones, we have the four colours in our “Tech” range: grey, anthracite, space and black.

Color Touch Collection is characterized by its unique soft touch. This softness has been tested by AITEX*, determining that its surface is softer than 100% cotton baby clothes.

*Textile Research Institute.


  • White touch - 172 White touch - 172
  • Sand touch - 173 Sand touch - 173
  • Pink touch - 178 Pink touch - 178
  • Olive touch - 179 Olive touch - 179
  • Grey touch - 174 Grey touch - 174
  • Space touch - 175 Space touch - 175
  • Anthracite touch - 176 Anthracite touch - 176
  • Black touch - 177 Black touch - 177
  • Specifications

  • Color Touch Color Touch

  • Material
    8 mm

    Gama Nature
    White touch -172
    Sand touch - 173
    Pink touch - 178
    Olive touch - 179

    Gama Tech
    Grey touch - 174
    Space touch - 175
    Anthracite touch - 176
    Black touch - 177
    2,5 m

    10 ud
    10 mm

    12 mm