Novojunta® Pro AL30 RS

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Novojunta Pro® AL30 RS is a pre-assembled system of profiles to be installed in expansion joints up to 30 mm width of ceramic floorings.

This profile has been designed to be installed during the tiling and remains flush with the floor once the work is finished. Its design, with ball-and-socket joint system, allows horizontal (+/-4,7 mm) and vertical (+/-2,5 mm) movement. It can be installed both floorings as walls or ceilings. It is delivered pre-assembled, ready-to-install, with protective film on the surface. Supports traffic of light and medium loads.

Available in anodized aluminum silver mat color.



  • Novojunta Pro AL30 RS Novojunta Pro AL30 RS
  • Novojunta Pro AL30 RS Perimetral Novojunta Pro AL30 RS Perimetral
  • Expansion

    • Horizontal: 9,4 mm (+/- 4,7 mm) / 3/8" (+/- 3/16")
    • Vertical: 5 mm (+/- 2,5 mm) / 13/64" (+/-3/32")


    NJPAL30RSPLAnodized aluminum30 mm (1 3/16")32.5 mm (1 9/32")84 mm (3 5/16")12,5 mm (1/2")2.5 m (8.2')12 u.

    With a plastic film


    NJPAL30RSPLPAnodized aluminum30 mm (1 3/16")32.5 mm (1 9/32")12,5 mm (1/2")2.5 m (8.2')12 u.

    With a plastic film