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The Novomat® technical mats are an effective barrier to prevent from the entry of dust, moisture and dirt, offering the maximum protection and durability to the floorings. They are guaranteed to bear the foot traffic of 50000 people a day.

These mats are custom made and can be adapted to any size or shape with an adjusted delivery term.

They are made of anodized aluminum profiles connected by a high resistant synthetic rubber that acts like an acoustic isolator and favor the evacuation of dust and moisture. This joint also allows the mat to be easily rolled.

There are four models available with two different designs:

  • Novomat® 8 and Novomat® 12 have a larger aluminium visible side. They are reinforced and their striated visible side increases the non-slip value. Specially designed to be installed on already finished surfaces.
  • Novomat® 15 and Novomat® 20 have a narrow design to get a perfect integration. These models are ideal for areas with high pedestrian traffi c like shopping malls or any kind of public buildings. Due to its narrow design and the height of the profi les, these mats are more capable to retain the dirt, resulting in cost savings of cleaning and maintenance.

There are two different finishes that can be combined:

  • Textile carpet: 5 colours available (grey, anthracite, red, beige and tobacco). suitable for indoor installations.
  • Black rubber: suitable for covered outdoor installations.

The technical entrance mats Novomat® have the possibility to be customized with the desired logo ordesign. This customization will give more visibility the brand and will provide a differenciating element at the entrance of yourestablishment.

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Aluminium + Textile Carpeth: 8 mm (5/16")NMAMH8MT
h: 12 mm (1/2")NMAMH12MT
h: 15 mm (9/16")NMAMH15MT
h: 20 mm (13/16")NMAMH20MT
Aluminium + Rubberh: 8 mm (5/16")NMAMH8CN
h: 12 mm (1/2")NMAMH12CN
h: 15 mm (9/16")NMAMH15CN
h: 20 mm (13/16")NMAMH20CN

Our technical team is at your disposal to help you with the election and sizing of the entrance mat.

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