Novomat® Slimm (Kit)

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Novomat® Slimm is a kit solution to be installed on already finished surfaces.

These mats are an effective barrier to avoid the entry of dust, dampness and dirt, providing the maximum protection and durability to the floorings. Guaranteed for the passage of over 50.000 people a day.

The size of the mat (with frame) is 1200x905mm.

It is composed of Novomat® 8 system with grey textil carpet (indoor use). It is delivered with the selfadhesive frame ramp profile cut to size to fit the mat.

These mats favor the accesibility for the disabled, and allows commercial traffic: pedestrians, trolleys, shopping carts...

It is composed of a robust aluminium structure connected by high resistant synthetic rubber joints that avoid noises and prevent from sliding. It allows also the mat to be rolled easily to facilitate the evacuation of dust and moisture.

Novomat® Slimm is the ideal solution for standard mats in shop entrances, entertainment areas, etc. The ramp frame and the low height of the profile, make the mat to be perfectly transitable and adapted to the accesibility requirements.

These technical entrance mats have the possibility to be customized with the desired logo ordesign. This customization will give more visibility the brand and will provide a differenciating element at the entrance of yourestablishment.

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  • Novomat Slimm Novomat Slimm

  • CodeMaterialSizeColorPackaging
    NM15MRG12X09Aluminum + Textile carpet1,2 x 0,9 m. (3ft 11 1'4 x 2ft 11 7'6")Grey1 u.