Novopletina® Lumina

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Anodized aluminum plate to be installed in steps, ramps or passage areas to ensure the safety against falls, with photoluminescent strip that help to fulfill with the more demanding standards related to emergency lighting.  Ideal for public areas with heavy pedestrian (foot) traffic.

It is intended to be installed after tiling. Supports intense traffic and serves a a guide for the blinded or partially sighted and to signal potential dangers.

The properties of the photoluminescent strip, 3 cm. width, surpass the demands related to luminescence established in the UNE 23035-4.



Aluminum + Anti-slip strip

44 mm.  (1 9/16")2'5 mm. (3/32")30 mm.  (1 3/16")Anod. matt silver + light yellow strip2,5 m. (8'2")20 u.