Structural Joints System

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EMAC®, as part of its constant efforts to innovate and provide technical solutions to the market, presents its Structural Joints System, a proposal offering a comprehensive solution in structural expansion joint requirements.

The Structural Joints System is an assembly designed to be installed in structural expansion joints consisting of three independent elements:

1. Structural joint profile (Novojunta® Pro)

2.Novomembrana EPDM

3. Firestop cord

Its function is to resolve the joints in such a way that they are integrated into the building, enabling safe traffic, absorbing movements of the structure safely and protecting the installation against damp and the passage of flames in the event of fire.

Solving the structural joint using a suitable profile is a sound technical solution that will enable the building to move freely, thereby preventing the appearance of pathologies. Yet the passage of damp and steam, or the passage of flames and smoke in the event of fire can cause serious pathologies and even affect occupants’ health. Not to take all such factors into account could mean that the most technical profile does not fulfil its function.

For this reason, it is recommended to install a complete Structural Joints System from the start, thereby helping to comply with safety regulations in the event of fire and preserving the state of the installation, avoiding the high costs of intervention or maintenance once the works have ended.


20 mmMEMEST140NJCF30
30 mm


40 mmMEMEST170NJCF50
50 mm


60 mmMEMEST260NJCF70
70 mm MEMEST260NJCF90
80 mmMEMEST260NJCF90
90 mm MEMEST260NJCF120
100 mm MEMEST260NJCF120
110 mm MEMEST260NJCF150
120 mmMEMEST260NJCF150
150 mmConsultNJCF180