19 July 2010

David Meca, guest of honor in Emac® XXIII Anniversary

Last Wednesday 14th of July, Emac® celebrated his XXIII Anniversary, counting with an exceptional guest.

David Meca, 28 times long-distance swimming World Champion, gave a conference about his personal and sport life to all Emac® Staff, emphasizing the importance of the effort, the persistence and the illusion when confronting any personal or professional project.

The life of David Meca, considered the best Spanish swimmer of all time, has been marked by different challenges. The swimmer touched all Emac® Staff narrating the beginning of his experience with this sport. David had to face adversity as early as the age of 5 when, as a result of poor health, he was advised to take up swimming by his doctor. This “need” became with time his passion and his work, taking him to obtain innumerable titles and sport recognitions, and becoming one of the best sportsmen in history.

David explained how he overcame the bitterest moment of his career, when he was accused of doping (accusation that was finally retired, giving him the reason on his innocence). At this time, he started with his famous “challenges”, that –additionally to the official sport competitions –have been very important in his life. These challenges have given him the opportunity of showing his self-improvement capacity and his extraordinary physical and mental conditions. Maybe the most important one was linking the Balearic Islands with Continental Europe (Iberian Peninsula), challenge where he was very near to the death, and whose narration caused some tears in the room, even of the own David Meca, who could not contain the emotion.

“We can never stop swimming. If you stop swimming, you sink or you get sunk”. This sentence, applicable to any professional sector, was the closing of a very inspiring and emotional day.

Later, David enjoyed together with all Emac® Staff the traditional Anniversary lunch, and he even blew the candles of the cake with Emi and Nuria Boix, managers of the company, to celebrate the XXIII years of success of Emac® developing profiles and complements to protect and decorate ceramic.

David Meca was the ideal guest for this special day, as he represents the own Emac® values: leadership, overcoming, illusion and search of continuous improvement.