Novobañera® 2a PVC

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Profile in PVC with a special fixing wing to be introduced between the tiling and the bathtub or counter top during the tiling works. It avoids filtrations and humidity in these joints. It also absorbs the vibrations of the hydro massage system, avoiding damages on tiling as time goes by.

COMPLEMENTARY PIECES are also available for a perfect finish off: Internal Angle and Cover.

Examples of applications

  • Specifications

    NB2PV00BL* (NB2A01*)PVC30 mm. (1 3/16")White1'5 / 2'5 m. (4.9', 8.2')50 u.
    NB2PV00BP* (NB2A25*)Pergamon beige

    *Mark desired length among the available ones

    Complementary Pieces

  • Novobañera 2a PVC internal angle Novobañera 2a PVC internal angle
  • Novobañera 2a PVC endcap Novobañera 2a PVC endcap