Novocanto® Metacrilato

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Special profile to be installed in swimmingpools or outdoors, made by coextrusion of PVC and methacrylate.

The Novocanto® Metacrilato is, thanks to its properties and versatility, the perfect solution for swimming pools. It can be installed in the edge of the swimming pool or as a stair nosing profile, making the whole installation safer.

It is recommended for installations that require excellent properties such as good lightfastness, wear resistance, durability and high levels of safety and hygiene.

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  • Novocanto Metacrilato Novocanto Metacrilato

  • CodeMaterialhColorLengthPackaging
    NCAME10- (NCME-)Methacrylate + PVC10 mm. (3/8")White, Grey, Cream2'5 m. (8.2')100 u.
    NCAME12- (NCME-)12 mm. (1/2")