Novocanto® Stainless Steel

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Profile made in Stainless Steel with High Brightness and Brushed finishing. Enhance any ambient with the resistance and beauty of this nobel material.

Novocanto acero inoxidable

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  • Novocanto Acero Inox. Novocanto Acero Inox.
  • CodeMaterial hColorLengthPackaging
    NCAAI06NA25 (NCX1614)Stainless steel AISI 3046 mm. (1/4")High brightness2'5 m. (8'2")30 u.
    NCAAI08NA25 (NCX16516)8 mm. (5/16")
    NCAAI10NA- (NCX1638-)Stainless steel AISI 30410 mm. (3/8")High brightness2'5 m. (8'2")30 u.
    NCAAI12- (NCX1612-)12 mm. (1/2")
    NCAAI15NA25 (NCX16916)Stainless steel AISI 30415 mm. (9/16")High brightness2'5 m. (8'2")30 u.
    NCAAI10CE (NCX8838)10 mm. (3/8")Brushed
    NCAAI12CE (NCX8812)Stainless steel AISI 30410 mm. (3/8")2'5 m. (8'2")30 u.

    With a plastic film