Novocanto® Stainless Steel

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Novocanto® Stainless Steel is a rounded profile made of AISI-304 stainless steel. This profile has been designed for the protection and decoration of corners in ceramic wall installations, protecting against possible mechanical damage and increasing the durability of the installation.

It is available in a high brightness and brushed finishes.

Novocanto acero inoxidable

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  • Novocanto Acero Inox. Novocanto Acero Inox.

  • MaterialReferencehFinishesLengthPackaging

    Stainless steel 
    AISI 304
    NCAAI06NA25 (NCX1614)6 mm (1/4")High brightness - 162,5 m

    30 u
    NCAAI08NA25 (NCX16516)8 mm (5/16")
    NCAAI10NA (NCX1638)10 mm (3/8")
    NCAAI10NAS (NCX1638NP)*
    NCAAI12NAS (NCX1612NP)*12 mm (1/2")
    NCAAI15NA25 (NCX16916)15 mm (9/16")
    NCAAI10CE (NCX8838)10 mm (3/8")Brushed - 88
    NCAAI12CE (NCX8812)12 mm  (1/2")

    * High brightness finishes with protector except those indicated with *