Novocanto® Madera

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Profile with natural wood. It perfectly integrates with the rustic settings, following the current trend in using traditional natural materials. As the other models, the placement is easy.

It is available in different sorts of natural wood. Protected with a plastic film.

Examples of applications

  • Specifications

  • Novocanto Madera Novocanto Madera
  • CodeMaterialh ColorLength*Packaging
    NCAMA08-Aluminum + Wood8 mm. (5/16")Obeche or similar, Scented mahogany or similar, Oak or similar2,5 / 1'83 m. (6' - 8.2')50 u.
    NCAMA10-10 mm. (3/8")40 u.
    NCAMA12-Aluminum + Wood12 mm. (1/2")Obeche or similar, Oak or similar2,5 / 1'83 m. (6' - 8.2')30 u.
    NCAMA15-15 mm. (9/16")Obeche or similar, Scented mahogany or similar, Oak or similar20 u.

    With a plastic film

    *Mark desired length among the available ones