Novolistel® 3 XS aluminum

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This decorative aluminium profile, characterised by its slim, discreet visible face (6.4 mm), is aligned with the latest trends towards lighter lines. 

We have now extended this range to include the Matt Gold and Brilliant Gold finishes, available on faucets, lamps and other decorative elements. We can highlight the wide versatility of its various uses, providing anyenvironment with a finishing touch that is simple yet elegant. 

Also available in natural aluminium and anodised matt silver and mirror bright finishes.


  • Anod. matt silver -13 Anod. matt silver -13
  • Anod. mirror-bright -110 Anod. mirror-bright -110
  • Anod. bright gold -22 Anod. bright gold -22
  • Anod. matt gold -12 Anod. matt gold -12
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  • Specifications

  • Novolistel 3 XS aluminio Novolistel 3 XS aluminio
  • MaterialCodehaColorLengthPackaging
    AluminumNL3XSAL10NA (NL3XS1138)10 mm (3/8")6'4 mm (1/4")Natural - 112'5 m (8.2")30 u
    NL3XSAL10PL (NL3XS1338)
    Anod. matt silver-13
    NL3XSAL10PB (NL3XS11038)Anod. mirror-bright protected - 110
    NL3XSAL10OB (NL3XS2238)Anod. bright gold - 22
    NL3XSAL10OR (NL3XS1238)Anod. matt gold - 12
    NL3XSAL12NA (NL3XS1112)12 mm (1/2")Natural - 11
    NL3XSAL12PL (NL3XS1312)Anodized matt silver-13
    NL3XSAL121B (NL3XS11012)Anodized mirror-bright protected - 110
    NL3XSAL12OB (NL3XS2212)Anod. bright gold - 22
    NL3XSAL12OR (NL3XS1212)Anod. matt gold - 12