Novolistel® 3 XS aluminum

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Novolistel® 3 XS manufactured in Anodized Aluminium Matt Silver and Mirror Bight is characterized by its more narrow and discrete surface (6,4mm).

It stands out for its great versatility, providing a minimalist and elegant final touch to any design.


  • Matt silver Matt silver
  • Mirror-bright Mirror-bright
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  • Specifications

  • Novolistel 3 XS aluminio Novolistel 3 XS aluminio

  • Codematerialhacolorlengthpacking
    NL3XSAL10NA (NL3XS1138)Aluminium10 mm. (3/8")6'4 mm. (1/4")Natural - 112'5 m. (8.2")30 u.
    NL3XSAL10PL (NL3XS1338)
    Anodized matt silver-13
    NL3XSAL10PB (NL3XS11038)Anodized mirror-bright protected - 110
    NL3XSAL12NA (NL3XS1112)12 mm. (1/2")Natural - 11
    NL3XSAL12PL (NL3XS1312)Anodized matt silver-13
    NL3XSAL121B (NL3XS11012)Anodized mirror-bright protected - 110