Novolistel® 4 Stainless Steel

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Reg. 504253-8
Reg. 504253-8

Novolistel® 4, due to a wide visible surface, provides avant-garde and design to decorative finishes and listellos.

It is available in Stainless Steel, high brightness or brushed.

Finishes: high brightness or brushed (depending on the size).

Examples of applications

  • Specifications

  • Novolistel 4 Acero Inox. Novolistel 4 Acero Inox.

  • CodeMaterialhaColorLengthPackaging
    NL4AI08NA (NL416516)Stainless steel AISI 3048 mm. (5/16")25 mm. (1")High brightness2,5 m. (8.2')25 u.
    NL4AI10NA (NL41638)Stainless steel AISI 30410 mm. (3/8")25 mm. (1")High brightness2,5 m. (8.2')25 u.
    NL4AI10CE (NL48838)Brushed
    NL4AI12NA (NL41612)Stainless steel AISI 30412 mm. (1/2")25 mm. (1")High brightness2,5 m. (8.2')25 u.
    NL4AI12CE (NL48812)Brushed

    With a plastic film