Novolistel® Insólit

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Reg. 1668435-8

Exclusive decorative listel. Its sinuous surface and these unique finishes and insolit colors achieve delicate highlights.

Only for brave decorators.


  • Mineral white Mineral white
  • Brushed champagne Brushed champagne
  • Bright gold Bright gold
  • Choral nacre Choral nacre
  • Brushed metal Brushed metal
  • Glossy black Glossy black
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  • Specifications

  • Novolistel Insólit Novolistel Insólit
  • CodeMaterialh a ColorLengthPackaging
    NLINAL10- (NLIN12-)Aluminio10 mm. (3'8")25 mm. (1")Anod. brushed metal, Anod. brushed champagne, Anod. glossy black, Anod. mineral white not protected2,5 m. (8.2')30 u.
    NLINAL12- (NLIN12-)12 mm. (1/2")

    With a plastic film