Novomembrana EPDM

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The Novomembrana EPDM is a sealing membrane to be installed as a complement for EMAC®’s structural expansion joints. This membrane has multiple functions.

- Acts as a barrier for the vapors emitted by the constructive elements

- Serves as a complement for the installation waterproofing, prolonging it in the expansion joint  and going along with the structure movement.

- Acts as a barrier against humidity and avoids the accumulation of water in the expansion  joint.

- Useful to avoid leaks a humidity through the expansion joint (outdoors joints).

- Serves as a sealing against elements as air in facades.

Delivered by meter trams or 10/20 lm rollos (depending on the model) in black color.



ReferenceMembrane widthJoint widthPackaging
MEMEST140140 mmUp to 20 mm1 lm & 20 lm rolls
MEMEST170170 mmUp to 40 mm
MEMEST200200 mmUp to 50 mm
MEMEST260260 mmFrom 60 to 120 mm