Novopared Latón

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Profile with simple lines made of brass, intended to be installed as an edge protector, flooring separator, countertop finish...

It can be installed with floor or wall tiles between 3 and 30 mm width.

Available in natural finish.

Novosuelo - Novopared


  • Novopared Latón Novopared Latón

  • CodeMaterialhColorLengthPackaging
    NSULT03NA* (NLL1518)*Brass3 mm. (1/8")Natural2'5 m. (8.2')30 u.
    NSULT04NA* (NLL15316)*4'5 mm. (3/16")
    NSULT08NA25 (NLL15516)Brass8 mm. (5/16")Natural
    NSULT10NA25 (NLL1538)10 mm. (3/8")
    NSULT12NA25 (NLL1512)Brass12'5 mm. (1/2")Natural20 u.
    NSULT15NA* (NLL15916)*15 mm. (9/16")
    NSULT20NA25 (NLL1534)Brass20 mm. (3/4")Natural
    NSULT25NA25 (NLL151)25 mm. (1")

    *Profile length: 3 m (9ft8in).