Novopared PVC

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L-Shape profile to finish off wall tiled corners.

As it is available in a wide range of heights, it is always appropriate for all kind of wall tiling, no matter what size the tile is.

It is available in plain decorated and anodized colours, brass, stainless steel and PVC.



  • Novopared PVC Novopared PVC

  • CodeMaterialhColorLengthPackaging
    NSUPV06-PVC6 mm. (1/4")
    2'5 m.100 u.
    NSUPV08-PVC8 mm. (5/16")White, Grey, Beige, Jasmin ivory, Bahamas beige, Pergamon beige, Black2'5 m.100 u.
    NSUPV10-PVC10mm. (3/8")2'5 m.100 u.
    NSUPV12-PVC12mm. (1/2")
    2'5 m.100 u.