Novopeldaño® 4 Aluminum

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Reg. 504253-4
Reg. 504253-4

Stair-nosing profile, made of aluminum, designed to protect and decorate the edge of tiled stairs.

Its striated visible side acts as a slip-resistant element and increases the safety of stair edges. Its design integrates perfectly the tiles and gives the stairs an elegant touch.

Available in matt silver finish, with two heights and two lengths in option.

Novopeldaño® 4 Aluminum has a special cover available to get a perfect installation.


  • Novopeldaño 4 Aluminio Novopeldaño 4 Aluminio
  • Novopeldaño 4 Aluminio corner Novopeldaño 4 Aluminio corner

    NP4AL22PL* (NP413)Aluminum22 mm. (7/8")10 mm. (3/8")Anod. matt silver -131 / 2'5 m. (3.2', 8.2')20 u.
    NP4AL2212PL*12 mm. (1/2")

    *Mark desired length among the available ones

    Complementary Pieces

  • Novopeldaño 4 Aluminio endcap Novopeldaño 4 Aluminio endcap